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Table of Contents
1.   Plants 
2.   Natural Habitats
3.   Gardens 
4.   Animalia 
5.   Germination & Culture
6.   Unidentified Plants
7.   Plants From The Shows

8.   Would You Like to Subscribe to New Pictures?
9.   Are There Any Pictures in the Pipeline?
10. Would You Like to Submit Pictures?
1. Plants: Alphabetical Order By Botanical Name
Click on the plant name to view
Adonis amurensis 'Fuku Jukai'
Agastache rupestris
Allium crenulatum and Sedum oregonenese
Alstromeria hookeri
Anagallis monellii Skylover
Anarthrophyllum desideratum
Androsace alpina
Anemonella thalictroides
Anemone x lesseri
Aquilegia akitensis
Arisaema species
Arisaema triphyllum
Asarina procumbens
Astragalus coccineus
Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum' Large Form
Atractyles gummifera
Bellendena montana
Blechnum penna-marina
Boronia pilosa
Briggsia speciosa
Calochortus tolmiei (2)
Campanula nitida
Campanula oreadum
Campanula versicolor
Caryopteris divaricata
Celmisia asteliifolia (ASTERACEAE)
Centaurea drabifolia ssp. austrooccidentalis (ASTERACEAE)
Cheilanthes gracillima
Chionophila jamesii
Chrysanthemum pacificum
Claytonia megarhiza nivalis
Claytonia megarhiza var. nivalis
Claytonia virginica
Clematis fremontii
Colchicum triphyllum
Convolvulus cantabricus
Corydalis allenii
Corydalis angustifolia
Corydalis angustifolia 2
Corydalis glaucescens
Corydalis macrocentra
Corydalis sewerzovii
Corydalis schanginii ssp ainae
Corydalis schanginii ssp ainae close up
Corydalis schanginii ssp. schanginii
Corydalis solida
Coryphantha species
Crocus nevadensis.
Cyananthus lobatus insignis
Cyathodes parvifolia
Cypripedium calceolus pubescens
Cypripedium calceolus
Cypripedium calceolus 2
Cypripedium kentuckiense
Delosperma sutherlandii
Dicentra formosa
Eritrichium nanum (white)
Eritrichium nanum (blue form)
Euphrasia collina spp diemenica
Euphrasia collina spp diemenica2
Erythronium dens canis niveum
Fascicularia bicolour
Fritillaria acmopetala
Fritillaria cirrhosa
Fritillaria cirrhosa var
Fritillaria cirrhosa var brun
Fritillaria collina
Fritillaria crassifolia ssp kurdica
F. crassifolia ex crassifolia ssp. kurdica
Fritillaria maximoviczii
Fritillaria meleagris
Fritillaria meleagris white form
Fritillaria meleagroides
Fritillaria montana
Fritillaria olgae
Fritillaria pontica
Fritillaria stenanthera
Fritillaria whittalii
Galanthus ikariiae latifolia
Galanthus 'Sam Arnott'
Gaultheria pumila var. leucocarpa
Gaura hybrid seedling
Gentiana acaulis
Geranium farreri
Glumicalyx nutans
Helichrysum argyrophyllum
Helichrysum retortum
Helichrysum retortum  close up
Hemizygia sp
Herpolirion novae-zealandia
Hibbertia procumbens
Hymenoxys grandiflora
Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler'
Ipheion sellowianum
Iris arenaria
Iris caucasica
Iris decora 1
Iris decora 2
Iris iberrica var elegantissima
Iris milesii
Iris orchiodes
Iris pumila
Iris suworowii  1 (Close up)
Iris suworowii 2
Iris winogradowii
Lamium armenum
Leptospermum lanigerum
Lewisia bracychalyx
Lewisia hybrid from L. rediviva and cotyledon
Lewisia hybrid L. rediviva and L. cotyledon 2
Lewisia rediviva
Lewisia rediviva minor
Lewisia redivivia white form
Lewisia rediviva pink form
Lewisia tweedyi
Lewisia tweedyi 'Rosea'

Libertia pulchella var, pygmaea
Lilium amoenum
Lilium speciosum gloriosoides
Linum dolomiticum
Mertensia maritima
Narcissus requienii 1
Narcissus requienii 2
Narcissus rupicola, Wisley, 1995
Nomocharis meleagrina
Nomocharis saluenensis
Olearia algida
Olearia pinifolius
Olearia pinifolia 3(ASTERACEAE)
Origanum rotundifolium
Origanum rotundifolium Close-up
Oxalis species at Kirstenbosch
Pachysandra procumbens
Paraquilegia anemonoides 
Pelargonium endlicherianum
Penstemon moriahensis
Penstemon pennellianus
Penstemon triphyllus
Philesia magellanica
Phlox kelseyi 'Lemhi Purple'
Phlox tumulosa
Platycodon grandiflorus 'Apoyama'
Polygala chamaebuxus
Primula allionii var Marion
Primula frondosa
Primula marginata x hirsuta JF 9475/1 A
Primula marginata x hirsuta JF 94752
Primula deorum
Pulsatilla grandis
Ramonda myconi
Ramonda myconi2
Ranunculus glacialis
Rhodiola rosea
Rhodohypoxis baurii Albrighton
Richea scoparia
Romulea bulbocodium
Rosularia serrata
Salvia daghestanica
Saxifraga cymosa
Saxifraga fortuniei 'Cheap Confection'
Saxifraga fortunei Wada's form
Scutellaria suffrutescens
Senecio species
Silene hookeri var. bolanderi
Sisyrinchium macrocarpum
Stylidium graminifolium
Telopea truncata
Trachelium jacquinii subsp. rumelicum
Tricyrtis sp.
Trillium erectum album
Trillium flexipes
Trillium nivale
Trollius europaeus
Tulipa batalinii
Tulipa karabachensis
Tulipa pulchella var albocaerulea 
Tulipa turkestanica
Vicia caracalla
Viola papilionacea

2. Natural Habitats
Tasmanian Alpine Heath
Tasmania: Bolster Heath
3. Gardens
Alpines Room at Kirstenbosch
Glory border
Kirstenbosch Conservatory
Scree Beds
4. Animalia
5. Germination & Culture
Reflective Mylar Blanket
Seed room PRE & POST Mylar application
6. Unidentified Plants
Unknown from Jozef Lemmens

7. Plants From The Shows

Asarum maculatum
Cassiope wardii
Celmisia argentea
Clematis tenuiloba 'Ylva'
Diane Clement with Rhododendron valentinianum
Dianthus microlepis 'Rivendell'
Fritillaria bithynica
Jankaemonda x vandedemii
Lewisia brachycalyx
Pulsatilla aff. ambigua
Pyrethrum leontipodium
Sebaea thomasii
Soldanella hungarica
Trillium chloropetalum var. giganteum forma album
Trillium rivale

8. Would You Like to Subscribe to New Pictures?

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9. Are There Any Pictures in the Pipeline?

All pictures submitted before 2001 have been posted here at the Alpine-L Picture Gallery.  Pictures submitted in 2001 and 2002 are expected to be mounted in a new Surfnet facility that may be available as early as the fall of 2003.  Most of those pictures were announced to Alpine-L members.  Those announcements are in the Alpine-L archives, with Yahoogroups URLs that no longer work.  We apologize for that unfortunate situation, which resulted from events over which we had no control.  For pictures posted after 2002, please search the Alpine-L archives at
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10. Would You Like to Submit Pictures?

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