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Alpine-L was founded in order to bring closer together the rock gardeners of the planet, to serve some of their information needs, to provide for a freer exchange between rock garden clubs and their members, to speed that exchange and provide for more rapid adoption of ideas, policies and knowledge resulting from it, and to promote the exchange of knowledge across national boundaries. As one member of Alpine-L (Lois Addison) has put it: "For those of us who either because of [economics] or time or dislike of travel, etc. don't make it to [club] meetings, this is a wonderful way to :
1. form some connections with people you would otherwise not come in contact with 
2. learn from the questions that go back and forth 
3. get immediate access to information that you need or are curious about." 

Vigorous efforts have been made to internationalize Alpine-L. The resulting diversity of intellectual input is one of its greatest strengths.


You may use any key word(s) to search the almost 13,000 messages in the Alpine-L archives. 
If you have access to the www, point your browser to http://listserv.surfnet.nl/scripts/wa.exe?S1=alpine-l and an instructional screen that contains fill-ins for searching Alpine-L will guide you easily through the search. Click on the words "Search for" and you will find detailed instructions on how to refine searches.
It is particularly useful, to increase the number of "hits", to check the "Substring Search" box; this produces inflected forms of words, words buried in web site addresses, etc.

If you would like to search Alpine-L, Arisaema-L, Penstemon-L, Passiflora-L, & Trillium-L, all at once, go to: 


For those without access to the web, the archives are searchable by e-mail command. Send to Listserv@nic.surfnet.NL an all-on-one-line command such as: search Alpine-L phlox since 98/10/01 If you want to search the complete archive, omit "since 98/10/01". The word "until" may be substituted for "since" to obtain messages posted before any date you supply.


Since February 18, 1998, every Alpine-L posting has carried the warning "Posts Copyright by Authors." But copyright law in every country vests in authors the ownership of work created by them, whether or not a copyright claim accompanies publication. Therefore, it is necessary to write to Alpine-L authors for permission to quote their postings. Brief excerpts may be quoted without securing permission under fair use provisions of copyright law; if you are in doubt, please seek permission.

More complete details may be found in the Alpine-L Copyright Code, published as the Alpine-L Handbook, part W, section k, at:

http://listserv.surfnet.nl/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind9612&L=alpine-l&P=R9086 .

All quotations of any kind should be reprinted accurately and without alteration, and should be accompanied by a full bibliographic description of the original publication so that the reprinter's audience can find it easily, e. g. Reprinted, with permission of the author, from an Alpine-L posting of January 8, 2000.


Alpine-L was first published electronically on a daily basis from Feb 6-17, with the title *RGJ, the Rock gardening Journal* 

One of the first subscribers to RGJ, Eric Gouda, Curator of the University of Utrecht Botanic Garden, offered the services of Surfnet, the electronic information service provider to NIC (the Netherlands Information Consortium). Eric has supplied Listserv support since February 18, 1995, and provided the happily apt name change to Alpine-L.

Since the end of 1997, Surfnet has made the Alpine-L archives available to anyone in the world, whether subscribed or not. Alpine-L has thrived under the sponsorship of the Botanic Garden, and membership has grown slowly to more than 800 over the years.


Quiet (inactive) listowners include Eric Gouda (since 1995), Alexej Borkovec (since 1996), Hubert Agback, Lisa Flaum, Hannelotte Kindlund and Lucio Russo (since 1999). 

Active listowners have included Harry Dewey, of Beltsville, Maryland, USA, and Louise Parsons, of Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Louise provided gracious, and treasured, service, from July 22, 1996, until October 14, 1998.. 


Photographs submitted by members of Alpine-L can be seen in
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